inthe manufacture of plasticcontainers

New ways
of understanding

Act ethically

Follow the law

Contribute to economic development

Improve our employee´s quality of life

We are part of the circular economy

Our products have more than one life…


Fully aware of our commitment to sustainable development and our contribution to the circular economy concept, we are ISO 14001 certified, since we are convinced that our products have more than one life.

Environmentally-friendly processes

That is why we adhere to the demands of society by producing our packaging in a safe and sustainable way by means of environmentally-friendly processes; reducing plastic waste and withdrawing from use those materials with low recyclability.

Our commitment to sustainability

ALCION’s corporate responsibility is now integrated into the daily activities of the company and aligned with the values of its mission and vision.
This responsibility is guided by the company’s general strategy, principles of corporate responsibility, code of conduct and our principles of purchasing and operations management.

ALCION’s commitment to sustainability is based on corporate responsibility, ethical behavior and continuous contact with the stakeholders so as to meet their expectations.

Ethical Business Conduct

Contact with our Stakeholders

These are our commitments:

To generate a sustainable value chain and control the environmental impact:

  • To respond to environmental challenges by generating value
  • To reduce resource consumption
  • To stay committed to fight against climate change
  • To minimize environmental impact

To develop and boost our team:

  • To bring together a team of committed people
  • To implement our policy on professional development and growth
  • To develop talent and encourage learning
  • To promote diversity and equality

To contribute to the social development of our community:

  • Consumers´ health is our concern
  • Involved in the local community
  • Sharing knowledge

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