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All the experience gained since 1945, allows ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS to offer a wide range of solutions to cover any need for plastic packaging from the most demanding sectors of the market: agrochemical, industrial and cosmetic.

We provide, firstly, with our best proposal to offer the most accurate packaging solution to our customers, adapting them to their needs, secondly, with all the guarantees of an approved container and finally with our tighten lead-times at deliveries

In ALCION we provide solutions to any technical and aesthetic requirement.

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Solutions by production technology

Plastic containers

Closures and accessories


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Our injection section produces plastic closures and accessories to finish, in our own facilities, the packaging solution with all the guarantees and all the customization that might be required.

We highlight our degassing or venting caps that help to relief or equalize the pressure inside the bottles, which might otherwise swell or collapse (paneling).

ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS offers its approved degassing closures in compliance with all the regulations required by the industrial and chemical industry.

Our vented caps have a ventilation system, either by membrane or valve, that enables gas flow, helping the exchange or exit of the gas generated inside the container as a result of the chemical reaction, while blocking the flow of liquid.

Solutions according to markets

Agrochemical and industrial

At ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS we are specialists in plastic packaging and accessories for the agrochemical and industrial market offering a complete range of rigid plastic containers up to 10 liters, all of them UN approved according to ADR.

Focusing our activity in these markets has led us to develop a specialization in industrial markets, where our 75 years of experience has generated an exhaustive knowledge of their needs, their problems, their expectations,…

We work closely with our customers to find the perfect and tailored packaging solution for their products.

Our greatest contribution, both to the agrochemical and industrial activities, is our barrier packaging, highly appreciated in these markets for their efficiency and for their high performance that assures safety to the packaging of fertilizers, pesticides, pest control products, insecticides and also for disinfectants, chlorines, ceramic dyes and automotive liquids in the industrial sector.

Packaging containing agrochemicals or industrial products requires, in many cases, barrier properties suitable to prevent panelling, swelling, deformation, degradation or even breakage, produced by gases generated inside the container due to the reaction of certain active formulas.

ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS produces this barrier packaging through two different manufacturing technologies.


We can offer a wide range of models of rigid plastic packaging, customized colors for bottles and jerrycans of capacities up to 20 liters as well as closures and accessories.

Our closures and accessories have also been developed with the aim of solving the technical problems that arise in the packaged products of these markets due to the reactions inside the packaging.

Our venting and degassing closures provide with an accurate solution to our customers’ problems. Our commercial team suggests the most suitable solution container-closure to prevent packaging deformations, collapses, panelling, etc.

envases hdpe


In the cosmetic and dermo-cosmetic industry, the packaging meets one more functionality, it becomes a claim at the selling point, providing added value that we should not give up.

At ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS we have a wide range of standard packaging for the cosmetic sector that allows us to offer any type of packaging, in different materials (HDPE, PET).

botellas de plástico

The design of the packaging for the cosmetic industry gets particular importance.

Therefore, ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS controls the entire process to create and develop new plastic packaging, from start to finish, according to the requirements needed by the customer.

Customizable solutions

ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS offers several alternatives to customize the final product and can offer many options for custom finishes:


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Global solutions

Soluciones globales

ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS offers a comprehensive solution to the challenge of creating a new packaging adapted to the needs of the customer and covering the complete cycle…

From design to market.

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