The philosophy of the company and the way of understanding business in ALCIÓN PACKAGING SOLUTIONS S.L. is based on considering the client as the center of our decisions.

After a history of 75 years developing and manufacturing plastic containers for different sectors using diverse manufacturing and decoration technologies, we continue to emphasize the promotion of continuous improvement of each product and service developed, in order to achieve full and constant satisfaction of our customers and other interested parties, generating benefits for our company at the lowest cost possible.

Our quality-environmental and prevention policy is based on:

  • The accomplishment of the total satisfaction of the expectations and needs of our interested parties, thanks to the empathy and collaboration with them, which provides us with knowledge of such.
  • The constant improvement in the design, production and service of the manufactured products, increasing their quality, environmental performance and OSH by establishing objectives and indicators, their control and continuous monitoring.
  • The adaptation of our work team, who understand the field and are involved in our Integrated Management Policy, in order to comply with our philosophy of considering the client as the driving force of the activity and the rest of the interested parties as a reference in our know-how.

In order to accomplish all of this, ALCION’s processes are oriented towards the following objectives:

  • To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of all the processes integrated in the company’s structure, ensuring pollution prevention, compliance with applicable regulations and the specifications provided by our customers or developed by ALCIÓN PACKAGING SOLUTIONS S.L
  • To assure the knowledge and fulfillment of the Policy and Objectives of Quality-Environment and Prevention to all and each one of our employees, committing them in the development and attainment of such goals, and to make the Policy available to the interested parties.
  • Comply with legal requirements and other requirements, all related to product quality, service provision, the environment and OSH.
  • Strengthen the compromise of environmental protection, the application of good hygiene and manufacturing practices that ensure quality and food safety, respect for the environment and the safety of the products destined to this market. In this sense, we communicate to workers and suppliers their individual responsibilities:
    • To apply the rules of hygiene for the elimination of health risks.
    • To apply the recommendations on safety and hygiene provided by the company, for the prevention of damage and health deterioration
    • To use correctly the elements of personal and collective protection, and to take care of its perfect state and conservation.
    • Tidiness and cleanliness as a basic safety condition.
    • To give notice to its superior of the failures and deficiencies that can cause hazards in any work position and put at risk the hygiene of the products.
  • To offer an efficient and adequate response to our Interested Parties, acting immediately to fulfill their expectations.

All this will be carried out with the establishment of systems and management mechanisms that allow the periodic and constant revision of the results obtained from the different processes, thus achieving the principle of continuous improvement of their processes, the environmental impact and the management and performance of the OSH.

The full involvement of the entire ALCIÓN PACKAGING SOLUTIONS S.L. structure in all phases of our process will be the essential element for the development of this Integrated Management Policy.

Política de calidad-Medioambiente y Prevención de riesgos

Quality, environmental and workplace risk prevention policy