At the XX Annual Meeting of the Plastics Sector, we have been honored with the CERTIFICATE for the investments made in recent years. AVEP together with  AIMPLAS · Technological Institute of Plastics with the assistance of the Vice President of the Consell, Aitana Mas, and the Local Minister of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Labor, Rafael Climent, held the XX Meeting of the Sector.

Moving towards a more sustainable society “does not mean renouncing the presence of plastics, but proposing a new paradigm of production and consumption around the circular economy”

And that’s what our project consists of…

Producing 100% recyclable barrier packaging and through a totally environmentally friendly process, is already a reality at the ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS facilities in Valencia.

Motivated by the desire to promote the circular economy and improve the sustainability of our plastic packaging, a few years ago we launched the project and the commitment to the implementation of a new technology for the manufacture of barrier containers, a milestone that became a reality with the installation of the first plasma reactor in the production plant of a Spanish plastic processing company.

Plasma Fluorination is a great technological advance in the manufacture of the range of rigid barrier containers since it allows to obtain plastic containers 100% recyclable, following the line of our new way of understanding packaging.

The implementation of this new technology has meant significant investments aimed not only at machinery, adaptation of production lines, etc. but also at the training of personnel and industrial reorganization at all levels.

The plastic sector

Our sector is key to the transformation of the economic model into a sustainable model and the challenges we are facing make us an innovative, creative industry, far from the demonization to which we have been subjected by certain sectors of society in recent years.

Our sincere commitment to achieve a true circular economy, to advance in energy efficiency and savings, to find improvements in the most unsuspected corners of the activity we develop, is a sign of our technological and innovative capacity as well as our commitment to society and the care of our planet.

For all these reasons, the recognition received for the investments made means for us, ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS, a firm support for our company project and the work of all the people who are part of this team.