HDPE and PET plastic
packaging UN approved for the industry

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HDPE packaging

HDPE packaging

Our blow moulding extrusion machines transform HDPE polymers of different grades, both virgin and post-industrial, to get plastic packaging 100% recyclable.

We work in continuous development of standard necks to adapt our production to our customers’ demand to broaden the possibilities of finding alternative caps in the market.

PET packaging

PET packaging

Our blow moulding injection machines work with PET polymers, virgin and post-industrial, for the manufacture of cosmetic and dermo-cosmetic packaging, meeting the necessary requirements demanded by the market.

In our facilities we manufacture our own preforms that are directly blown in our two stages machines.

The necks of the packaging, according to standard norms, offer the adaptability of any closure system on the market, opening up the possibilities to our customers.

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