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ECOFILLINK, the project to reduce the environmental impact of plastic packaging for the ceramic tile industry

03/11/2020 Corporate news

ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS participates in the ECOFILLINK project in which AIMPLAS works. It is coordinated by the Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC) and funded by the Valencian Institute of Business ...

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29/10/2020 Corporate news

Phytosanitary products are, undoubtedly, one of the great allies of agriculture in our century. Fertilizers, biostimulants, agri-nutrients but also pesticides and insecticides, aggressive formulations packaged ...

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Keys to have a plastic industry commited to the enviroment

19/10/2020 Corporate news

Despite being a relatively new material in our human history, plastics have become so important in our everyday lives that, no matter where you look, you will surely find a plastic device near you. Almost ...

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Innovation in agrochemical plastic packaging

14/10/2020 Corporate news

Agrochemical products are nowadays essential for the crop protection, being necessary to protect them from the continuous pests and diseases. The legislative proposals of recent years, establishing limits to ...

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How to choose the best plastic container for your product? 10 questions you should ask yourself

08/10/2020 Corporate news

Choosing the right plastic container to package your product is much more than determining its shape, colour, capacity, or its dimensions. The plastics processing industry, in general, and the manufacturers of ...

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