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What is paneling in a plastic container?

27/12/2023 Uncategorized

“Paneling” in a plastic container is the phenomenon in which the walls of the container deform or collapse, generating visible ripples or wrinkles. Paneling is the deformation of the sides of the plastic ...

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III Open House: An approach to APS’ Circular Economy Project

29/11/2023 Uncategorized

For the past three years, we have been holding our annual event, which we share with our customers. This year we presented our Circular Economy Project at the III APS’ Open Days 2023. We invite you to find out ...

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Sustainable plastic storage of chemicals: An approach to the circular economy and safety

16/11/2023 Corporate news

We are facing new trends and paradigms of environmental protection in which sustainable plastic storage of chemicals plays an important role. Discover the impact they have on the world of packaging and see the ...

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Product Counterfeiting – APS Solutions

Talking about counterfeit products, in general, leads us to think directly about fashion brands, about their bags, their clothes, their footwear, their sunglasses, their designs… But the rascally way of ...

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Keys to sustainable innovations in plastic packaging

How is innovation applied in the creation of sustainable plastic packaging?  What benefits do packaging innovations entail and how are they achieved? Discover all the answers in this article! We will talk ...

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