Alcion Packaging Solutions: manufacture of custom plastic packaging

ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS (APS) can offer you an integral solution to manufacture custom plastic containers. We can produce each container according to the needs of our customers covering the full cycle, from conception to production.

Whenever you need a new packaging for your products you will have to questionyourself manypoints: how shouldIapproach the launch of this new product, how can I improve the image of my brand, how can I transfer to my packaging all those small details of functionality and ergonomics to help final consumer to use it, howcan I distinguish myself from my competitors

You can count on APS either to choose from our standard packaging or to develop a new custom plastic packaging. Our experienced product development team and specialists will help you make the best decision, to find the best rigid packaging solution that, surely, will highlight your brand to stand out.

If you are looking for a different packaging, you are in the right place. We encourage you to gointo detail and be clear about the impact you expect in the marketif you go for a counter-worthy packaging.To build a definition of what you really need,we suggest you gothrough:

Product differentiation

How different do you want your packaging to be? What shape are you thinking of? And what colors?Design engineering objectives mustbe analyzed in depthas well.


You will have to take into account consumerexpectationsin terms of usability, ergonomic aspects, even one-hand control when dispensing, leakproof closures easy to open, but safe.


It is important to take into account any previous incident of leakage, or packaging deformations that you might previouslysuffer, since, in that case, your product could need a barrier container or a different closure complement …

Capability to be recycled

Can I use PCR in my packaging? How doI adjust the plastic tax?am I aware of the difficulties in supplying PCR material and the impact it can have on availability and the supply chain?


Will I be able to assume the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)? What lead times will I need?

Logistics and storage

How do I need the container to be delivered? What type of packaging, what quantity per pallet? Am I willing to changemy secondary packaging?

Once you have an answer to these questions, you will surely have an idea of what you are looking for. Now we invite you tolearn more about our products and experience in the world of packaging.

Barrier packaging: resistance and impermeability

External agents can cause alterations in the products inside a plastic container, so it is essential to have resistant solutions with the necessary quality to avoid deformations in the container or eventhe degradation of the plastic container itself.

Light, humidity, oxygen, pressure changes, temperature are some of the main agents that tend to cause suchproblems on packaged products.

customized packaging bottles solutions - ALCION

Perhaps you can find the solution to such reactions by using barrier containers, manufactured either with multilayer co-extrusion technology or by plasma fluorination.

Barrier plastic packaging actsprotectingagainst chemical reactions that occur inside the container of certainactive formulas that usually cause gases that deform, break or degrade the container.

It is essential, thus,to verify the packaging-product compatibility to achieve its optimal functionality.

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Multilayer co-extrusion

Co-extrusion is the simultaneous extrusion of two or more polymers to get a multilayer structure.

This technologyallows to manufacture a container with multiplelayers (multilayer), thanks to the use of several extruders, containing one of them a material that has barrier properties.

The efficiency of multilayer plastic containers manufactured by co-extrusion with barrier layer, for example, lies in using a material that has a high degree of impermeability to oxygen, even if the layer is thin,even underconditions of low humidity.

Plasma fluorination

Plasma fluorination is a new technology that allows to get high barrier in a monomaterial HDPE container manufactured by extrusionblow moulding.This technology accelerates the process of coating the surface of the container by providing barrier properties to containers that remain 100% recyclable, by turning a monomaterial HDPE containerinto a high-performance barrier container.The remarkable thing about this new plastic packaging manufacturing process is that it definitively solves two essential problems of traditional fluorination, the result is a plastic packaging:

  • Environmentally friendly throughout all the manufacturing process.
  • With barrier properties achieved 100% on the entire surface of the container.

PET containers: injectionblow moulding

For certain industries, such as cosmetics and dermocosmetics, having the possibility of tailor-made plastic packaging that respects the specific needs of the products is an essential point to guarantee sales.

The packaging must protect the goods inside but also provide an added value that no packaging manufacturer ignores.

Our injection blow moulding machines work with PET material of virginand recycled grades for use in the cosmetic and dermocosmetic sector, meeting the necessary requirements demande dby the sector.

In ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS we guarantee the best quality and define characteristics to achieve an attractive packaging, essential in the purchase decision of the final consumer.

HDPE containers: extrusion blow moulding

In industrial packaging, the plastic packaging solution must fulfil a bunker function: contain – protect – preserve. Its behavior with the external environment and with the product it contains, its transportation and usability are also important elements to consider in an industrial container for the packaging of chemical products.

Our extrusion blow moulding machines transform HDPE of different grades, both virgin and recycled, to achieve packaging with features and characteristics that allow its full recyclability.

We work with standard neck normsto meet the demand of our customers and open their range of possibilities in the market.

Therefore, HDPE packaging is the ideal plastic packaging technology to properly contain any chemical product.

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APS: custom-made plastic containers’ production

At Alcion Packaging Solutions we have a wide experience in the manufacture of custom plastic packaging.

Our R&D&I team cooperates with customers to find the perfect and tailor-made solution for their product to combine design, functionality, quality, technique and safety. In addition, we are iso 166002 certified, providing us with the guidelines to organize andeffectively support our R&D&I area, strictly complying with the standards required by such certification.

In this way, with the implementation of the UNE 166002 Standard for R + D + i we have established the first steps to launch the development plansof ALCION PACKAGING

SOLUTIONS where the commitment to innovation and the manufacture of recycled and recyclable plastic containers are the central axes.

Today we are the perfect partner for companies looking for plastic packaging for chemical products manufactured in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. We invite you to learn more by entering our website and contact us for any advice. Let’s talk!

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