12/07/2019 Corporate news

Grupo Zriser buys Alción Plásticos

Grupo Zriser, founded in 2007 as the investment company of Mrs. Ana and Mr. Pablo Serratosa after their departure of the shareholding of Nefinsa, has carried out the acquisition of 100% of the company Alción Plásticos S.L., specialized in the manufacture and distribution of plastic containers with barrier layer for chemicals, agrochemicals, phytosanitary, cosmetics and food in an operation advised by GB Consultores.

This acquisition is part of Grupo Zriser’s strategic plan for the next financial years, which includes rotation of its portfolio of shares, acquisitions of industrial and technology companies, and real estate assets.  The entry of Grupo Zriser in Alción Plásticos S.L. has been formalized through the acquisition of 100% of the company’s capital and aims to enhance the international development of the company and consolidate its position of national leadership in its segment.

Alción Plásticos is a well-known Valencian family company, founded in 1945 and always linked to the plastics sector, which currently enjoys a consolidated position of national leadership in its segment thanks to the quality of its products its brand image and the excellence of its customer service.

According to Mr.Pablo Serratosa, “there are no good or bad sectors, but good or bad companies”. According to this philosophy Grupo Zriser bets on a sector such as rigid plastic packaging with barrier layer, which presents solid growth and good development prospects, in which it is possible to find solid, innovative, competitive companies, with capacity for strong national and international growth and leadership ambition in its segment.

Zriser group’s industrial division controls 7 companies in diversified sectors. Currently, in addition to Alción Plásticos, Grupo Zriser holds majority stakes in Industrias Tayg (plastics injection company specialized in DIY products and management systems), THU Ceiling Solutions (construction auxiliary company manufacturer of profiling systems and roofing solutions), Auditmedia (Group of media monitoring and advertising investment analysis companies), Punt Mobles (emblematic company of the furniture and habitat sector) , Inrema (Engineering specialized in machine tool design and construction) and Tyris (craft brewery). Zriser also holds stakes in various private equity funds.

Zriser’s technology investment division, Grupo Microinvest, has minority stakes in Agroterra (leading market place of agricultural and livestock products), Singularu (online and offline distribution company of jewelry and jewelry design products), Mr. Jeff (technology platform for dry cleaning and laundry at home), Timp Technologies (SaaS booking management for gyms and physiotherapy clinics) , Playfilm (SaaS of interactive video management), Tallerator (market place of localization of workshops in proximity), WiTrac (company specialized in IoT and industry 4.0), Consentio (platform for B2B trade for the horticultural sector) and Flamingueo (e-commerce of trend products).

Finally, the real estate division of Grupo Zriser is the third estate property in Valencia by meters of offices.