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02/02/2021 Corporate news

Custom plastic packaging, the image of your product

Nowadays, the consumer can choose from thousands of products and price and quality are no longer the only points that can influence this decision.

When an end user is ready to choose a product made by a specific brand, some details  such as the physical appearance of the product itself and, particularly, the good image he perceives, are decisive.

Custom plastic packaging aims to communicate and transmit a brand image and in addition to providing a sense of security to the customer. When choosing a product, the packaging gives the feeling of safety, that the product inside is in perfect conditions, it is attractive, and shows all the information that may be needed… it is something that gives consumers more confidence.


How to customize an industrial plastic container?

When someone thinks about the customisation of a plastic container he thinks of the image of a special design, of a specific label or sleeve, of defined colors which are characteristics of a certain brand… and all these details will be considered in many sectors such as cosmetics or even food, but when talking about industrial packaging, to go further is a must.

Customising an industrial packaging is more than a simple colour touch. An industrial packaging requires specific customisation elements that may last over time and be indelible because the product they contain, in most cases, might be highly toxic.

At ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS we work side by side with  our customers to properly customise their plastic industrial packaging.

Many customers just choose corporate colors that are introduced in the manufacture of each family of products (bottle-closure).  In our plant we can manufacture packaging and closures elements in any color that our client demands.

It is import to highlight that screen printing has always been the best resource for packaging decoration. Screen printing allows to print on the bottle itself texts and images in many colors, and bring the opportunity to provide all the necessary information to the consumer in an indelible way. In our screen printing section we can offer high quality screen printing process to avoid subsequent labeling of the packaging.

The latest trend is to incorporate engravings on the containers, their closures, and even on the induction sheets, in an attempt to make the packaging containers easily identifiable by the end user. This involves working with the customer on the design of their logo, their trademark or identifying elements that must be added at the time of specific manufacture of each product, regardless of the technology we are going to use: co-extrusion, extrusion or injection


Benefits of custom packaging

Custom plastic packaging is a dynamic way to promote a brand. It is important to include details such as the name, logo or slogan, with which the final consumer can easily identify a product.

In addition, custom plastic packaging reduces the possibility that a brand’s packaging will end up being used for purposes and products other than the originals.

By customising plastic packaging, it is much easier to stand out among other competing  brands and show a consistent brand image through the product, especially in those sectors that make products addressed to B2C market through a consumer channel: cosmetics products, food products… Using a brand’s shapes, colors, typography, and logos on custom plastic packaging is the best way to make it easier for users to quickly identify the product and stand out from others.

In addition, the outer appearance of the packaging, its usefulness and its safety is what will transmit first impressions about a brand to a user. It is important to care about the appearance of the packaging to transmit safety.

Custom plastic packaging, in addition, protects the product from copies or alterations better than standard packaging.


How to stand out

Custom plastic packaging is essential to stand out from competitors. When choosing a specific packaging design, it is important to comply with some features that attract the users’ attention, even to adapt shapes or many other details that might be trending in the market.

The packaging should be attractive and attract the customer’s attention. It must be perfectly adapted to the characteristics of the product, keep all its properties and remain intact. It must show a clean, hygiene and above all, don’t leak and be stagnant. A container that can be easily opened during transport and arrive opened, dirty or deteriorated to the end user, would not give a coorect image.

The shape of the container also influences the safety of the container itself, the ease of handling or transporting and even the sensations it produces to users.

Size also has great power when it comes to transmitting a good image, which influences manageability and usability. Its brimful capacity must be proportional to the amount of the product it contains.

A container about to overflow gives the feeling of not adapted to the product, but if there is too much free space could give the feeling that part of the product has been lost or consumed, or it might even seem that the brand is trying to sell something misleading.

In the case of custom plastic packaging, the quality of the material is also important, as it is one of the details that is most associated with a brand. Using an unsused material, transmitting a sense of weakness, etc., could be highly harmful to the brand.

As for the visual impact, the colors and typography used in texts and engravings must be according to the corporate image, so that it is easy to identify the product with the brand that has produced it.

All of this is of particular importance in marketing strategies. Custom plastic packaging and everything they transmit is a way to stand out and make consumers finally choose one product or the other.

60% of purchase decisions are taken directly at the shelf. Packaging that is true to the brand, that offers a good image can be decisive for a marketing strategy.

In addition, 56% of users decide to purchase new products that they had not tried before after entering the store. This means that using custom plastic packaging as an “on-site advertising” can be even more important and effective than any other advertising action, such as ads and expensive campaigns.

Custom plastic packaging can be said to play an important role not only in the marketing of products, but also in the publicity and advertising strategies of all brands. At  Alcion Packaging Solutions, we know that designing and producing customised packaging adapted to the needs of each product, that projects the image of your brand as faithfully as possible, is the key to  reaching customers in a more direct and effective way.

We have 75 years of experience in the plastic packaging sector, using different techniques to customise each container according to the indications of each of our customers and using the best quality materials.

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