recyclable plastic containers
23/04/2021 Sustainability

Types of recyclable plastic packaging

Despite all publications against it, plastic packaging remains essential and part of our everyday lives. Wherever you look, you can...

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06/04/2021 Sustainability

Trends in the use of barrier plastic packaging

In sectors such as industrial or agrochemical, barrier plastic packaging is a must for products to be distributed safely, without...

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recyclable plastic jerrycans
17/03/2021 Sustainability

Advantages of recycling plastic packaging

Images of seas, lakes, and rivers full of bottles and other plastic containers or plastic jerrycans left down on the...

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PET plastic Bottles
04/03/2021 Sustainability

PET plastic Bottles: What are they and which are their benefits?

Environmental problems have widespread the idea that plastics should disappear because of their negative effects on nature. However, the packaging...

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