storage of chemicals

Sustainable plastic storage of chemicals: An approach to the circular economy and safety

We are facing new trends and paradigms of environmental protection in which sustainable plastic storage of chemicals plays an important role....

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Packaging innovations

Keys to sustainable innovations in plastic packaging

How is innovation applied in the creation of sustainable plastic packaging?  What benefits do packaging innovations entail and how are...

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EcoVadis Plata 2022
04/11/2022 Uncategorized


It is important to highlight two important celebrations for our planet: World Day for the Protection of Nature and the...

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04/10/2022 Uncategorized


At the XX Annual Meeting of the Plastics Sector, we have been honored with the CERTIFICATE for the investments made...

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02/08/2022 Uncategorized

Alcion Packaging Solutions: manufacture of custom plastic packaging

ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS (APS) can offer you an integral solution to manufacture custom plastic containers. We can produce each container...

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25/05/2022 Uncategorized

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for used packaging: How might it affect companies in 2022?

The extended producer responsibility included in the EU Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste (PPWD) establishes common rules and requires...

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25/03/2022 Uncategorized

Let’s see the impact of the new Law and Plastic Taxes

The new Law on Plastic waste and the Plastic Taxes derived from it are imminent.  Although in Spain its application...

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Keys and advances of sustainable plastic packaging

Sustainable packaging is here to stay, and commercial brands can’t ignore it! This is a key factor in scaling sales...

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04/01/2022 Uncategorized

Green Label 2021, a new challenge achieved

Our supplier of wooden pallets PRS grants us, once again, its ecological Green Label ecological badge for the controlled reuse...

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recyclable plastic containers
23/04/2021 Uncategorized

Types of recyclable plastic packaging

Despite all publications against it, plastic packaging remains essential and part of our everyday lives. Wherever you look, you can...

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