02/08/2022 Sustainability

Alcion Packaging Solutions: manufacture of custom plastic packaging

ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS (APS) can offer you an integral solution to manufacture custom plastic containers. We can produce each container...

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21/06/2022 Uncategorized

Sustainability and the future of plastic packaging at APS’s Open House

Sustainability and the future of plastic packaging were the main issues of the second edition of APS’s Open House Days:...

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eco friendly packaging
02/03/2021 Uncategorized

Latest sustainable packaging trends for 2021

Current environmental problems, such as climate change, have made even more evident the need to look for sustainable options in...

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plastic bottles
24/02/2021 Uncategorized

Plastic bottles, the most demanded formats according to their sector

Plastic bottles are one of the most used packagings by companies in all activities. From cosmetics to agrochemicals, plastic bottles...

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plastic packaging for detergents
22/02/2021 Uncategorized

Why many detergent manufacturers choose sustainable plastic packaging?

In recent years, growing concern for the environment and for a more sustainable world has not left the plastic packaging...

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hdpe packaging
22/02/2021 Uncategorized

HDPE packaging and degassing caps: best way to pack your product

Any product requires the use of safe packaging capable of withstanding transport, handling and storage. HDPE packaging is a good...

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hdpe plastic
03/02/2021 Uncategorized

Advantages of HDPE plastic: the firm market bet for 2026

High Density Polyethylene , commonly known as HDPE, is a widespread material used to produce packaging and many products with...

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customized plastic packaging
02/02/2021 Uncategorized

Custom plastic packaging, the image of your product

Nowadays, the consumer can choose from thousands of products and price and quality are no longer the only points that...

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agrochemical bottle

How to ensure the preservation of the agrochemical

Crops are constantly exposed to pests and other external agents such as fungi, animals or insects that deteriorate them and...

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21/01/2021 Uncategorized

UN approved plastic packaging… Is it necessary? Why?

According to United Nations statements, more than 6000 types of hazardous substances are currently circulating without adequate protection. This, consequently,...

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