21/01/2021 Corporate news

UN approved plastic packaging… Is it necessary? Why?

According to United Nations statements, more than 6000 types of hazardous substances are currently circulating without adequate protection. This, consequently,...

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Tipos de envases y sus características alcion
22/12/2020 Corporate news

Types of packaging and its characteristics. How to know which is most appropriate for a product?

It is not possible to understand the quick evolution of plastic materials without associating it with the industrial revolution of...

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Coextrusion blow moulding
15/12/2020 Corporate news

Plasma Fluorination, the revolution of the plastic packaging manufacturing industry

Plastic, this new material that was developed exponentially throughout the 20th century for its exceptional characteristics of durability, ease of...

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Sustainable ECO packaging
07/12/2020 Corporate news

Sustainable ECO packaging, all you need to know about

What does sustainable mean? How does the dictionary define the term “sustainable”? If you have a look at the dictionary,...

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manufacture of plastic packaging
03/12/2020 Corporate news

Celebrating our 75th anniversary with implementation of improvements in energy efficiency and high performance in the manufacture of plastic packaging

To celebrate our 75th anniversary, a highly significant milestone in our company, we are proud to start a new production...

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COEX plastic packaging vs HDPE plastic packaging
26/11/2020 Corporate news

COEX plastic packaging vs HDPE plastic packaging – The controversy of multilayer and monolayer plastic packaging

The concept of monolayer plastic packaging is normally taken as synonym of single-material and multilayer plastic packaging as several materials....

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ecofillink-environmental impact
03/11/2020 Corporate news

ECOFILLINK, the project to reduce the environmental impact of plastic packaging for the ceramic tile industry

ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS participates in the ECOFILLINK project in which AIMPLAS works. It is coordinated by the Institute of Ceramic...

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29/10/2020 Corporate news


Phytosanitary products are, undoubtedly, one of the great allies of agriculture in our century. Fertilizers, biostimulants, agri-nutrients but also pesticides...

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recyclable bottle enviroment
19/10/2020 Corporate news

Keys to have a plastic industry commited to the enviroment

Despite being a relatively new material in our human history, plastics have become so important in our everyday lives that,...

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agrochemical plastic packaging-innovation
14/10/2020 Corporate news

Innovation in agrochemical plastic packaging

Agrochemical products are nowadays essential for the crop protection, being necessary to protect them from the continuous pests and diseases....

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