Approved barrier
plastic packaging for the Industry

Properties of a bottle
with barrier layer

  • Resistance to aggressive products (inside)
  • Impermeability to solvents.
  • Resistance to high temperatures.
  • Prevents permeation of steam and oxygen.
  • Protection against UV rays.

Light, humidity, oxygen and temperature are the main agents that can cause alteration to a packaged product and, consequently, cause deformation or deterioration of the plastic container that contains it. Barrier packaging, either by means of multilayer coextrusion technology or Plasma fluorination, is the perfect solution to this problem.

Plastic containers for chemical products that contain certain active formulas that generate gases inside the container must have barrier properties capable of preventing deformation, paneling or breaking.

Package-product compatibility testing is essential in order to achieve optimal functionality

cta barrier packaging

ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS can provide barrier properties to a plastic container either by means of multi-layer technology (coextrusion) or surface treatments (plasma fluorination).

Offers two technical solutions to keep both the packaging and its contents unaltered:


Coextrusion technology is the simultaneous extrusion of two or more polymers to get a multilayer structure.

This technology allows to get a multilayer container ( with many plastic layers), thanks to the use of several extruders, containing one of them a material that has barrier properties.

The efficiency of multilayer plastic packaging manufactured by COEXTRUSION WITH EVOh BARRIER LAYER, for instance, stands out for using a material that has a high degree of oxygen impermeability, even with very low thicknesses, under reduced humidity conditions.



plasma fluorination

It is a new technology for the plastic packaging industry that allows achieving high barriers’ properties in a monolayer HDPE container manufactured by blown extrusion.

This new technology uses plasma to accelerate the packaging surface coating process by providing barrier properties to a packaging that remains 100% recyclable by converting a single-layer HDPE container into a barrier container.


This new technology definitively solves two essential problems of traditional fluorination process, obtaining a container according with the latest trends:

  • Environmentally friendly throughout all the manufacturing process.
  • Barrier properties are achieved at 100% throughout the surface of the container.

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