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03/12/2020 Corporate news

Celebrating our 75th anniversary with implementation of improvements in energy efficiency and high performance in the manufacture of plastic packaging

To celebrate our 75th anniversary, a highly significant milestone in our company, we are proud to start a new production unit in our facilities in Aldaia (Valencia).

An important part of our investment projects along 2020 consists on the implementation of new production units that will increase our productivity in the plant.

With this new all-electric manufacturing unit for the production of plastic containers, we  bet on  sustainability which allows us to eliminate energy and water waste, hydraulic oil and to reduce the consumption of other elements, obtaining an important energy efficiency: using less energy to perform the same tasks.

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Taking care of our staff, we automate the production process optimizing downtimes and reducing noise drastically, contributing thus, to highlight our “safe sustainability” code, minimizing the environmental impact of our production units.

Improvements in the manufacture of plastic packaging

Until a few years ago, plastic had only been a waste, it had never been considered a resource. Abandoned in our cities it ended up at sea generating, along with the remains of fishing equipment, immense islands. Some talk about 5 documented islands and one more that is being generated in the Mediterranean, others comment that there are already 7. Luckily, we have opened our eyes and so we have discovered, in the discarded plastic, a new resource, a very valuable resource indeed, that can be reused with a correct recycling process. Far from quitting it, the pandemic we suffer in 2020 has shown us that plastic is present in our society and that we will hardly be able to eliminate it from our lives. Our team of  R+D+I technicians keep working on different projects to achieve more efficient and sustainable plastic packaging.

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It is the responsibility of plastic processing companies to turn target and transform waste into a valuable resource. A resource that can be reused to achieve a true circular economy. ALCION is fully aware of its important contribution to such circular economy.

ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS… safe sustainability.


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