recyclable plastic jerrycans

Advantages of recycling plastic packaging

Images of seas, lakes, and rivers full of bottles and other plastic containers or plastic jerrycans left down on the...

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PET plastic Bottles
04/03/2021 Uncategorized

PET plastic Bottles: What are they and which are their benefits?

Environmental problems have widespread the idea that plastics should disappear because of their negative effects on nature. However, the packaging...

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eco friendly packaging
02/03/2021 Corporate news

Latest sustainable packaging trends for 2021

Current environmental problems, such as climate change, have made even more evident the need to look for sustainable options in...

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Plastic material HDPE
01/03/2021 Newsroom

The plastic industry find difficulties in supplying plastic materials

The European Polymer Alliance warns of the  difficulties  that plastics  transformers are encountering in the supply of raw materials. Created...

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